Broad Applications of Anthropology

On this website you will find details about my academic work both as an ethnographer working in the field as well as a teacher in the classroom. While many anthropologists may be considered “academics,” an increasing number are finding work in less traditional settings for the discipline. As social scientists, anthropologists do a great deal more outside of academia than you may have thought. This work includes not only non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations for which anthropologists have often worked but also the for-profit sector of multi-national and other corporations.


Here is a small collection of articles and information which reveal how the relevance of anthropological theory and practice is being recognized in non-academic settings, particularly in the corporate setting.

This is Anthropology” (American Anthropological Association)

Here’s Why Companies Are Desperate To Hire Anthropologists” (Business Insider)

Intel’s Sharp-Eyed Social Scientist” (New York Times)

Anthropology: Education for the 21st Century” (American Anthropological Association)

Hot Asset in Corporate” (USA Today)

Anthropologists on the Job” (CS Monitor)

Anthropologists go Native in Corporate Village” (Fast Company)

Anthropologists at Work” (National Association for the Practice of Anthropology)